What is a Life Group?

Frank Viola – my view of the church

In short, my view of church is quite simple. The New Testament vision of ekklesia is a group of Jesus followers who are learning to live by the indwelling life of Christ together and who are expressing that life in a close-knit community. That’s it in a nutshell.

Life Groups- Jesus followers doing life together. Life Groups are the LIFE BLOOD of Crosspoint Alliance.

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What’s important in a Life Group?

Christ Centered – the Holy  Spirit is the leader of the group. Jesus is the focus of your time together.

Communion – share the Lord’s Supper together on a regular basis.

Meals – make a habit of eating meals together.

Prayer – together talk to God, share requests and pray for each other.

The Word – read the Bible together and share what God has been teaching you.

Family – as you grow in relationship with each other, support, encourage, listen to and challenge each other.

Gifting – we are all equals in the sight of God but gifted in different ways. Everyone is  encouraged to discover and share their spiritual gifts and natural abilities.

Life Change – the outcome of a life group is life change as we grow in our relationship with  Jesus and others.

Unity – evidence of a healthy life group will be unity. By keeping Jesus the central   focus and putting others ahead of ourselves we will experience unity.

Growth – as you invite others to join your group the Spirit  of God will lead you. In His timing, expect to divide and multiply as your group grows.


How can I get connected?

Contact the Church Office 218-346-4673

Keenager’s Group

Keenager’s are for those who want to connect with others of great wisdom and life experience. Keenagers meet the 3rd Wednesday afternoon of the month at 12:00 for a potluck lunch, fellowship, and a special event; which could include a speaker, a field trip, entertainment or all the above.

Gospel/hymn Sing Wednesday morning at 11:15, come join us around the piano in the fellowship hall.

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