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Crosspoint Alliance gets a new pastor

Michael Bochman started as the new pastor at Crosspoint Alliance Church in Perham four weeks ago. His goals as a pastor include creating a closely connected congregation, and nurturing relationships between people and God. Marie Johnson / Perham Focus

The new pastor at Crosspoint Alliance Church in Perham has had a sense of his calling since boyhood.

As a child, Michael Bochman always looked up to two of his uncles, who were missionaries, and he spent a lot of time at his hometown church, which his family was active in. By grade school, he was already thinking that God might want him to be a pastor. By high school, he was sure of it.

Bochman has been at Crosspoint Alliance for about a month now, and he said things are going well.

“So far, I love it,” he said. “It’s a great community, and a great church. I find myself saying again and again that I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to work here.”

Bochman grew up on a farm near Menominee, Wis., then spent four years as the youth pastor of a church in Michigan before becoming an associate pastor and youth pastor at a church in north-central Ohio, where he’s worked for the past nine years.

He started out with a focus on youth and teens, but in recent years, “God’s been moving my heart more and more toward adult ministries and just ministering as a whole,” he said. “For awhile, we’ve believed that God’s been leading us toward broader church leadership.”

That “we” is Bochman and his wife, Amy. The two have been married for about nine years and they have three children: Kate, age 5, Mya, 3, and Ella, 16 months. Looking for a new, more across-the-board opportunity for themselves and their family, they found what they were looking for at Crosspoint Alliance.

“The church has an amazing team,” Bochman said. “The staff and elders here have been amazing—very generous, very hospitable. And this town; Perham’s a small town, but it has so much. It has a family feel, and I love that. I keep saying, I feel so lucky to be here.”

The Bochmans had never been to Perham before, and had no connections here, but the pastor said people at the church, and in the greater community, have been warm and welcoming. He’s been meeting a lot of people, and he hopes his passion for the faith is making an impression.

“I really like being around people,” he said. “I hope they see that I’m passionate about Jesus. And I hope they see that I care about them.”

As pastor at Crosspoint Alliance, Bochman said he’s looking forward to building on the “incredible foundation” that church leaders have created, and is excited to work with them on honing the church’s goals for the future. He said he wants to create a culture of people who are engaged in life together; who are connected by more than just a shared worship space on Sundays. Crosspoint Alliance has some of that happening already, he said, but he’d like to expand it even more.